Sunday, February 8, 2009

February Maintenance is Free

Ok... nothing comes free I'm just joking. 

Our president Mr. Halim has decided to waive the February maintenance fee after enormous resident support especially from december 2008 to january 2009 maintenance fees collected. Our agenda for this month is to further reduce the maintenance fee to ease the burden among lower income resident and improve the quality of service.

New cost of Maintenance Fee for March 2009 will be post after the final meeting on this coming Tuesday so stay tune.

Announcement  on the reduction will be announce at the Chinese New Year gathering 15/02/2009.

Chinese New Year Gathering 2009

The Ampang Saujana Elit Association will be having a Chinese New Year Gathering on 15/2/2009 evening. Actual time and venue has yet to be decide so watch out for notice at the guard house.

Bring along your family members along, enjoy the food and have fun.

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Aidilfitri & Depavali Dinner

*Photos below are courtesy from Mr. Low @ DS2-39 ...Thanks.

I belief what they say about picture tells a million word and im gonna show you those picture that is taken during the wonderful night where everyone of every race come along and get together to celebrate DepaRaya.

Stay more pics will be posted soon.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pics of Extension Works on Westside Wall

pic as on 10/9/2008

Extension Works on Westside Wall

Ampang Suajana Elit Committee has finally saved enough money to increase to height of the wall near to the playground. The wall which was built by developer is too short in some place the measure only 4 feet and this has enable an adult to easily cross over. By improving the safety standard of the resident, committee has decided to have the wall increase by up to 3 1/2 feet in order to prevent unwanted incident such as outsider crossing over into the neighbourhood.

Work has been started on 10th of September 2008 and target for completion on the 25th September.

Hari Raya is just around the corner and some of the resident have raise up concern of leaving their house for a period of time during the Raya. After meeting by the committee, we has come to decision where tighter security will be enforce and at the same time 1 additional security guard will be locate temporary at the west side area where "crossing over" occur. Resident who wish to leave the house during the Raya period can go to the guard house and inform the guard and leave the information such as

1.Name: En. Samuel Ng

2.Unit number: DS2-98

3.Contact number: 01X-XXX9999

4. Leave Time/Date: 1/10/2008 tgh hari, Return Time/Date: 4/10/2008 mlm.

A few resident have strongly suggested that anyone entering the neighbourhood without access card n blocked access card will be treated as visitor and need to register themselves at the guard house. We will take this into serious consideration and will plan and execute it stage by stage.

Resident who like to leave comment in this blog is encourage to leave their name and unit number ie. (Sam@DS2-98).

Lastly on behalf of Ampang Suajana Elit committee we wish you

Selamat Hari Raya

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Committee members

Committee members
Mohd Faizal, DS 2-91, hp: 019-3673731

Vice President
Ganesan, DS 1-38, hp: 019-3238853

Law Yew Fey (u.fey), DS 2-5, hp: 012-6636799

Abdul Jalal, DS2-38, hp: 016-2799684

Administrative cum Governance

Norizan, DS 2-12B,
hp: 019-2248526

Kamarul, DS 2-16,
hp: 019-3890900


Zulkarnain, DS 6-40

Sam, DS 2-98,
hp: 016-2268996

Abdul Halim, DS 1-47,
hp: 019-2889959

Supporting Members

Chan Kon Seong, DS 1-69,
hp: 012-2218480

Joe, DS 5-42B,
hp: 013-3621714

Jenny, DS 3-75,
hse: 03-42915834

Rodzman, DS 1-31,
hp: 012-3719326

What Happening..NEW (updated)

Watchman Clock
There are complains saying that, the guard do not go round our area often. So the committee has set up 6 watchman clocks and they are required to clock every 2 hours. The committee is monitoring the guard clocking time weekly.

Procedure for Security Guard
Also there are complains saying that, guests and contractors without card are allowed to enter to our area easily. With this, the committee has come out with a procedure and template for the security guards to follow. This is to ensure all necessary guest information are been capture for security purpose.


Maintenance of RM40 monthly (except for April RM50) can be made payable at the guard house from 1st to 10th every month, from 9 to 11 pm.

After 10th the collection can be make at DS 2-5 (after office hour). Please contact u.fey at, 012-6636799.

Account closing will be held on 25th monthly. So no collection will be made after 25th. Thank you.


As of 10/06/2008, the total collection (maintenance & card) for three month (April/May/June) are:-

April and May, RM 37,800
June, RM 11,170

There are still 97 uncollected household since April and mostly are not occupied. ***The uncollected list will be out in the next release of the newsletter.


As of 10/06/2008, the total expenses are:-

-payment for security guard RM18,446.40 (RM6,148.80 X 3Month)
-setting up autogate RM11,000
-access cards RM 6,300
-general expenses RM 826.10 (receipt, printing, stationary, and etc).

Access Card

Dear residents, for those who have problem with their access cards. Please leave your access card in our suggestion box located at guard house and attach us with the information below:-

-House number
-Contact number
-Car registration number
-Tag number

And the committee will replace a new one and deliver to your mail box. Thank you. Anything please contact ufey, at 012-6636799

Upcoming Events

Direct line in Guard House
To set up a direct line in guard house to allowed residents to call in incase of any complain or something suspicious happening around your area. The contact number will be posted in the newsletter once done.

Suggestion and Feedback Box
To place a suggestion box at the guard house to bridge the communication between the committee and residents. All are welcome to provide their opinion and feedback to help the committee improve further and moving forward.

Speed Bump and Fencing
To fence up and also to set up 3 speed bumps for each road except for road 5, 6 and 7 having one each. The committee has submitted an application to MPAJ for the fencing and speed bump. Hopefully we can get this done FOC.

from: ufey